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Telephony Strategic Review

Project Name

Telephony Strategic Review


City of Edinburgh Council



Client Requirement

The City of Edinburgh Council identified a requirement to conduct a review of the existing telephony provision across the Council and to develop a roadmap for future service delivery including options for cloud service provision.

Our Approach

FarrPoint collated the Council’s telephony requirements through a series of workshops with Council departments and identified a shortlist of technology solutions to meet these requirements. The options were assessed against the business and operational requirements, taking into consideration the current industry trends and market solutions to help develop an evolving Telephony Strategy for the future. The options appraisal identified a recommended approach and series of quick wins in response to the captured requirements, for the Council to take forward.


The resultant telephony strategy identified and developed a telephony/UC approach in line with the captured business and technical requirements of the Council. The output was used to further refine the Telephony/UC service description and requirements in the wider ICT procurement programme.


“Can I pass on the Council’s thanks for the work completed on the strategic telephony review. This will now be fed into the procurement process and provide a very useful baseline for the development of a suitable telephony platform going forward.”
Neil Dumbleton, Enterprise Architect ICT solutions Corporate Governance, The
City of Edinburgh Council