NHS Fit for Work Scotland Security Review

Project Name

NHS Fit for Work Scotland Security Review


NHS National Services Scotland



Client Requirement

The Fit for Work Programme is intended to provide advice to employees, employers and GPs to improve the management of sickness absence in the workplace, and is being implemented by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). The programme will also carry out occupational fitness assessments. Whilst this service will be provided by the private sector in England and Wales, the Scottish Government has decided to maintain this service as a state-funded provision through NHS Scotland.

As part of the security accreditation for the service, a rigorous security risk assessment and analysis was required across all component systems.

Our Approach

FarrPoint deployed a team of security consultants, who conducted a number of interviews and workshops to determine the current service architecture, as well as discovering and analysing the risks inherent to the component systems. A report was delivered which detailed the risks discovered as part of the review, along with recommendations for remediation.


As a result of the delivery of the report and NHS NSS and the relevant NHS bodies accepting the recommendations, the service was accredited for deployment by the Scottish Government and DWP.


“ I can report back to you on the SSP work – Scottish Government have passed on comments highly commending Farrpoint’s work on this project. I thought it was worth letting you know as rarely have I seen a customer come back with this level of praise. I can only thank you on behalf of NSS for your and your colleagues’ work.”
Mark Salveta, Head of the Business Advisory Group – Procurement, Commissioning and Facilities, NHS National Services Scotland